Are We Define Ourselves As Either Child Or Adult? Essays

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Our first seminar for this half of the course began with a question of whether we define ourselves as either child or adult. As I answered that question for myself as a 44 years old; I was caught off guard, a little. Society would very quickly expect me to answer adult. However; I could not help but say both and my friends and family could attest to that. I suppose it surprised me at how quickly I chose ‘both’ as my answer. I was a bit conflicted and later wondered how it seemed unacceptable for me to claim that I was a child as well as an adult. Stereotypes are words used to generalize a group of people that have some similarities. As defined in lecture, a psychological approach, applying negative labels that are disconnected from society or culture. The danger of stereotypes is inaccuracy due to the lack of information and context. Here in lies my personal internal and external tension; on one hand I am an adult using age, laws and stereotypical words assigned to me from society. The words would adequately describe me as capable, independent, and responsible and on the other, child descriptors such as playful, carefree and still developing, would also represent me well. Another external factor that would make me say I am a child has to do with the power of social structures that create rules, laws and discourse around what childhood is. Social structures are put in place to organize society, maintain order and unfortunately create an illusion that people are free. The…

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