Are The Dwarves Really Friends? Essay

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Are the Dwarves Really Friends to Bilbo? Bilbo Baggins goes on a quest as one of fourteen to take back the Lonely Mountain from the Dragon Smaug. Throughout most of the tale the dwarves do not take kindly to Bilbo, but they accept him into the fellowship. Do the dwarves truly care for Bilbo and are they friends, or is this simply the comradeship that comes with adversity? Does comradeship spark into friendship? Comradeship is defined as the feeling of attachment that exists between people who share a common goal. While friendship is defined as the feeling of affection between people who share a bond and genuinely care for one another. “The Hobbit” starts off with Bilbo inviting Gandalf, the wizard, over for tea. Gandalf ends up inviting an entire company of dwarves over too. One of the dwarves named Glion states that “if it had not been for the mark on the door, [Glion] would have been sure that we came to the wrong house.” Bilbo and the dwarves are not on the best terms currently. The dwarves lack faith in Bilbo, and continue to mock him throughout the first chapter. It should be noted that Gandalf stood up for Bilbo, and there is clearly a sense of friendship between the two. The adventure begins and Bilbo meets his first challenge. He left home without his pocket handkerchief and hat. Dwalin voices to Bilbo that he will have to go without them for quite some time, and gives him a spare hood and cloak for the time being. Dwalin’s act of giving his spare cloak and…

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