Are Combat Sports Too Barbaric? Essay

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Are Combat Sports too Barbaric? Fighting has been in human blood since the beginning of time. Whether being the fighter or watching the fight, the performances have always been intriguing to many. From the gladiators in the Colosseum of Rome to the boxers from New York in no other than our very own, Madison Square Garden, fighting has been broadcasted for our entertainment. However, when it comes to The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, fighting becomes a taboo subject. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a sport in which two people enter a caged octagon. These two fighters, both of the same weight, challenge each other to either three or five five-minute rounds using their skills in mixed martial arts, or MMA. Mixed martial arts includes many broader divisions including kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, muay thai, wrestling and many more. With a referee in the octagon and doctors along side, the sport is very precautious. Combat sports such as The Ultimate Fighting Championship are not barbaric because of their rule set, the willingness of both opponents, the injury statistics of sports and their safety precautions. They make sure that if an injury is bad and the contender can no longer fight, they stop the competition and get that fighter help immediately. Even though the sport is one of fighting, safety always comes first. People say that the sport is too aggressive to be on T.V. . Arizona’s Senator, John McCain, was the Ultimate Fighting Championships worst…

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