Military: The Roman Military

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The Roman Military
The Roman Empire was arguably one of the most technologically advanced powers of all time. The feats they accomplished with their limited technology is mind blowing, even today we are still trying to figure out how they accomplished everything. The Roman Military is an example of how advanced the Roman Empire was during this era. From the incredible machinery to their quick witted tactics during a time of war, the Romans were the rulers of the world. Furthermore, they revolutionized military’s for generations to come.
The Romans put emphasis on their military power, their main focus was a formidable military much like the U.S has today. They trained their soldiers hard day in and day out, pounding teamwork into their practice
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The Greek inventions played a vital role in the strength of the Roman military. Archimedes a Greek inventor was one of Rome’s most influential figures, and was also well respected by the Roman Empire for his inventions. He was born in Syracuse, Sicily in 287 BC. Not much is known about Archimedes mainly because he kept his personal life to himself. According to history he was murdered by a Roman soldier. The Roman soldiers had been given direct orders not to harm him. The story goes that he was carrying some tools in his hands and was murdered for these tools because the soldiers who took his life thought the tools were of great value. Although Archimedes was a great inventor he never intended to provide weapons for the Roman Army. After his murder the Romans took his work and used it to their benefit. Many of the weapons that Archimedes invented helped make the Roman Army the greatest in the world at that time. One of the most mysterious inventions he created was called the “Heat Ray”. This weapon worked off reflections of the sun, mirrors were placed along the coast facing towards the water and the sun. Soldiers would man the mirrors and point them in the direction of incoming ships, if the mirrors beamed light at exactly the same point of a ship, the ship would burst into flames. There is actually historical record of these being used, in the siege of Syracuse. There were reports of Roman ships that burst into …show more content…
After reviewing all the information I’ve gathered, I have a more educated view of how the Romans ran their military. While the Greeks may have invented much of the technology the Romans possessed, the Romans implement and perfected it and made their Army stronger and more efficient. Part of the reason the Roman Empire was so powerful is because of their strong leaders. The greatest of them being Augustus Cesar. Military leaders hold the soul of the soldiers, it’s up to them to keep morale high and keep the Soldiers fierce. One thing I can’t understand about the Roman Empire is why they decided to make their empire, so massive. The empire grew to be so vast and spread out, it was just too big to maintain. The Roman Empire ended up collapsing on itself because of its sheer size. Too much power only leads to self-destruction, history has shown us this repeatedly. Another issue that the Roman Empire had is that the wealthy stayed rich and prosperous, and the poor remained poor and could never seem to rise above the poverty. Much like current day here in the United States, where millionaires don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes and find loopholes to avoid paying. It’s a crime and they should be ashamed of themselves, I have no doubt in my mind that the wealthy Romans did much of the same. Overall I was very impressed with what I read about the Romans, I’ve been to Rome three times but never

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