Archetypes In Big

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Big Archetypal Analysis

Since the dawn of mankind, humans all over the world have been enthralled by the same stories, characters and plots. For generations, isolated people have come up with the same conclusions and themes about the nature of humanity. This pattern of reccurent motifs, characters, and plots in literature is reffered to as archetypes. In our ever changing society there are a few stories thst stand invonureable to the passage of time. *ANOTHER SENTENCE HERE* One of these stories is depicted in Big, the tale of a young boy’s dip into adulthood which has established its place as a timeless classic due to its masterful use of archetypes. Human being naturally crave archetypes as we desperately attempt
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The first stage of the cycle is the Golden Age symbolizing innocence, begginings, and ignorance. As with most, the purest and happiest moments of Josh’s life take place in his childhood prior to being corrupted by the nefarious principles of the adult world. The movie starts off with Josh being in the Golden Age. He is a radiant example of youth who faces no real problems and whose life is in a state of halcyon. Josh is innocent and consequentially ignorant, not knowing how to approach Cynthia and to appreciate the life he has. Many symbols emphasize this state of bliss such as green trees, happy music, and playing …show more content…
Now that Josh learns the ways of the adult world he must change himself in accordance. This end of childhood is the fall, the stage of the archetypal cycle that refers to the irreversible dirtying of the pure river of innocence. The fall is independence, maturity, and in Josh’s case at last understanding how to carefully fit in society’s shiloutte of acceptable behavior. Josh goes from being an intruder in the adult world to partaking in the system that brought an end to his innocence. The final event that showed the end of childhood for Josh was his night with Susan. After being initiated into the adult world he comes to work an adult. Josh starts wearing a suit, drinking coffee, and acting appropietly at parties. He trades in his apartment filled with toys and his childhood best friend Billy for a formal job and Susan. Josh becomes independent from Billy and stops trying to look for the Zoltar machine as he bares fare well to his childhood with no regret. Despite his best efforts to retain and recrerate the paradise of childhood through Billy and playing with toys Josh can no longer oppress the

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