Aquatic Humanoids : Its Effects On Our Lives Essay

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It was inevitable. After living in a world where only a few select people cared about how we were affecting our surroundings with our carelessness and inability to think of future generations, it’s all gone. Now, only a few species remain.
Sun Basking Shark: With the absence of fish in the sea, these sharks had to find a means to survive and that meant looking to the sun. These sharks were genetically modified by some of the last humans to have green fins that contained a significant amount of chlorophyll so they would be able to survive as long as the sun was around.
Chemosynthetic Goldfish: Also a production of the last humans, these fish were genetically engineered to produce food from the pollution that would eventually kill them. With this, these fish remain one of the last bastions of hope in this changed world. If only humans had chosen a bigger fish.
Aquatic Humanoids: In a fleeting attempt to preserve the human race on our dying planet, scientists genetically modified these humans to have merman/maid like qualities. Their presence in the world keeps the population of Sun Bathing Sharks down and ensures the spread of Aquawheat to to new waters.
Aqua Wheat: With much of the world’s surface now being covered in filthy and polluted water, Aqua wheat had to adapt with the help of humans to live solely in the water. Scientists studied Algae and were able to give this new plant much of the same qualities as it, specifically the ability to strive in water.…

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