Essay on Applying Theory Of Violent Victimization

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Applying Theory to Violent Victimization
Introduction Not APA Victimology is a sub category that branches off from criminology. Victimology focuses on the emotional, psychological, and physical harm victims suffer from. The primary goal of victimology is to help prevent people from becoming a victim in the first place by educating them (Argosy University, 2016). The word Victimology was created by Benjamin Mendelsohn and Hans von Hentig. They both studied victims between the end of the 1940’s & mid 1950’s. They came up with the Victim Precipitation Theory, better known as "victim blaming" (Wallace, 2007). Victimology main focus is to investigate how a person becomes a victim (Argosy University, 2016). Many people become a victim unknowingly. Many sexual predators stalk or seek out their victims, they get familiar with the potential victims routine patterns so they can plan and execute their attack. Many people do not realize that our daily activities and habits can become well known to others and can make us very vulnerable when it comes to avoiding certain situations.
Victimization Theories Victimologists have identified four primary theories that can describe and define major crimes around the world (Argosy University, 2016). These theories are: Victim Precipitation Theory, Lifestyle Theory, Deviant Place Theory, and Routine Activity Theory. Victim Precipitation Theory- is the victim themselves actually provoke the attacks against them, basically…

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