Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice essay

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Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice
Health professionals are privileged because they are able to help and change people’s lives by the care they offer, but this can only happen if the staff is fully informed and has all the details on the patient’s health history. This information usually can be obtained without difficulty but for sensitive issues a trust based relationship needs to be established in order for the patient to provide all their medical history. This is known as confidentiality to patients and is extremely important in be kept. Many patients struggle to give information because it may either cause shame to them or they may feel rejected by the health care staff. Such is the case for a couple of teen girls who put their
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209). These options should all be considered before releasing private medical information to others.
Ethical Position
An example of a situation where confidentiality could be breached arose is on a ER episode aired on NBC. During this episode a nurse had 2 teenage patients who result positive for human papilloma virus. During her assessment the nurse realizes that the patients did not sign a consent to inform their parents about the results. The young teenagers expect their information be kept confidential. After further testing one of the young patients is found to have cervical cancer. The nurse also discovers that her patients are participating in “sex parties” with multiple partners. The nurse is now between a rock and a hard place because she wants to maintain confidentiality as promised to her young patients but also is concerned because others could also be infected. The nurse has to decide if she should respect her patient’s privacy or inform the girl’s parents and school about the delicate situation.
The nurses’ position in this situation should focus on the harm that could be done to her young patients and the life of others if not addressed correctly and in a timely manner. The nurse should explain cautiously to the patients all the negative ramifications of the disease if not informed to the correct people. If the school is not aware of the teenager’s behaviors outside of school then they will never know

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