Application of Freud’s Theory of the Id, Ego and Superego Essay

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Application of Freud’s theory of the Id, Ego and Superego
Heng Fason
PSY 111

May is a 17 year old high school student in Malaysia. Her parents view education as a very important aspect in life and a way to achieve success, hence are compelling May to achieve good grades in her studies. As her parents think she should concentrate on her studies they are against the idea of her earning extra pocket money to buy some of the things she wants by taking up a part-time job. Furthermore, they disapprove of her boyfriend of two years as they feel that he might be a distraction to her studies. Also, her parents object her ambition of being a hairdresser, as they think she has the potential to one day become a
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Furthermore, because of her family’s economic status she decides to lessen the burden on her parents and would spend only on the necessary needs. Also, the idea of working a part time job would be scrapped because it is a distraction, and she doesn’t need to. Her parents’ would most likely to be very pleased with May as she would focus on her studies and obey their demands. However, due to a dominant Superego, she will feel anxiety or guilt most of the time as the Superego would punish her with any attempt to act according to the id’s desires. The overpowering Superego would bottle up all her unconscious aggression or sexual tension, which would build up until it could override the ego and be expressed as something as extreme as murder or rape. (Sammons, 2005)
Lastly, supposing the ego dominates May’s personality, she would be more compliant to her parent’s demands, but try to balance her wants and social life, and possibly lay more emphasis on studying as it is the most important thing to do as according to her parents. She will strive to do well in her studies and be a working professional one day, however still dating her boyfriend although putting her studies

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