Application And Conduct Forcible Entry Operations Essay

1383 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
To be able answer correctly and precisely the question whether we are today fully prepared to provide and conduct forcible entry operations than we were during landing in INCHON in 1950, we have to go through the characteristic of today’s and future battlespace. IOT to understand challenges of todays and future battle space development we have to go little bit inside of some deduction process. For all of us is very well-known fact, that 70 % of all movement and transports, business even trade (90 %) overall the world is conducting through the seas and water today. Due to a various spectrum of rapid development of new technologies, such as communications systems, cyber technologies, ships, vessels, aircrafts, proliferation of weapons systems, CBRN threats, hybrid warfare, globalizations, cyberspace and cosmic space engagement which affected a character of battle space for sure. Information operations has a heavily impact on todays and future conflict also. Our enemies are using social media as a very effective tool for propaganda how to rich population or Target Audience (TA) around the world without necessity cross the border physically just “push the button”. We have to interact with global terrorism and impressive consequences and radicalism as well. Adversaries are using hidden style of engagement they are operating between civilian environment than we have to be very effective and very adequately precise via our military activities IOT avoid a collateral damage (CD).…

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