Essay on Application And Application Level Security

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negligible as the address still exists in the DNS cache and the data belonging to a particular user may become accessible to some other user violating the privacy of the earlier user[ ].
C. Application Level Security
Application level security refers to the usage of software and hardware resources to provide security to applications such that the attackers are not able to get control over these applications and make desirable changes to their format. Now a days, attacks are launched, being disguised as a trusted user and the system considering them as a trusted user, allows full access to the attacking party and gets victimized. The reason behind this is that the outdated network level security policies allow only the authorized users to access the specific IP address. With the technological advancement, these security policies have become obsolete as there have been instances when the system’s security has been breached, having accessed the system in the disguise of a trusted user. With the recent technological advancements, it is quite possible to imitate a trusted user and corrupt entire data without being noticed. Hence, it is essential to install higher level of security checks to minimize these risks. The traditional methods to deal with increased security issues have been to develop a task oriented ASIC device which can handle a specific task, providing greater levels of security with high performance [79]. But with application-level threats being dynamic and…

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