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Appendix A homework assignment title page
Appendix A homework assignment

Appendix A

Part I

Define the following terms found in Week One and Week Two readings:

Term Definition
To have a mix of race, religion, sex and or age of someone.
Judging another culture based on how you were raised or the culture you were raised in. Judging a person based on your beliefs and upbringing.
Melting pot A group or nation of people that are all from different backgrounds and nationalities.
Minority group A group of people that is far outnumbered by their surround community or population.
To leave one country and settle or reside in another nation.
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The same can be said for a language that a group of

people may be speaking. Although there may be common languages spoken among different

groups you can sometimes pick up on accents or different words that pin point a region where

that a group resides.

Identifying a group may not always be easy without research. Without stereotyping a

person and actually listening to them a group can be narrowed down pretty quick. Identifying a

group can be done by race, religion, sex and language spoken. It can be accomplished by almost

anyone just as long as that person is well informed and not quick to pass judgment.

2. Why do people label and group other people?

I feel that people label and group others because of how we are raised and it is the norm. I

believe that most people are not well educated on the subject of cultural diversity and choose

to just stereotype rather than take the time to learn. The American society tends to go off of

norms and how they were raised. If a person was told all their lives that all Hispanics for

example are the same, that is all they know. It is much easier to group people to together than

to learn each nationality and the differences. Being born and raised in Arizona I have seen

firsthand how people label and group individuals together. Because of Arizona's close

proximity to Mexico the majority of

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