Apollo 1 Failure

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On Wednesday, November 30th, Richard Hagar discussed his time as an engineer for the NASA Apollo projects. During NASA’S heyday, Mr. Hagar moved to Florida to work at the Kennedy Space center. As a spacecraft operator, he had an important role in developing, repairing, and modifying each of the Apollo missions. Throughout his endeavors, Mr. Hagar has seen Apollo 1’s failure, helped NASA problem solve through issues,, and helped rescue the astronauts on the Apollo 13 mission.
Though the highly anticipated Apollo 1 mission had been meticulously built, tested, and modified, a fatal fire caused it to be an utter failure. Mr. Hagar recalled during a test run that a leak occurred, causing serious damage. Requiring months to fully clean up the spillage and repair the break, the team thought that the problem had been resolved. After the astronauts had sat in the Apollo 1 for several hours, one of the astronauts stated that a fire had broken out in the chamber. Quickly after the call, Mr. Hagar witnessed flames explode out of the side of the pod. Even though the fire department worked quickly to defuse the flames, all three astronauts tragically dies. Because the hatch to escape had three different handles to pull to open, the men could not release the door to escape quickly enough. After the explosion, it was
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Hagar was heavily involved in the Apollo 13. While in space, the crew on the Apollo 13 experienced serious technical difficulties that, if not properly looked after, could lead to a gruesome death. At the Kennedy center, Mr. Hagar simulated a mock Apollo to find the issue and help the crew resolve the issue. While the crew directly spoke to Houston, the team in Texas would relay information between Kennedy and the austronts in order to fix the problem for a safe return for the austrontes. Because of Mr. Hagar’s excellent problem solving skills, the three astronauts upon the Apollo mission were able to return home

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