apeuro dbq on the poor Essay

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The Europeans between the 1450’s and 1700’s held many negative attitudes towards the poor themselves and the idlers who they believed were a menace to society. Also during this time period the Europeans had many responses like in England where they put them in poorhouses or tried to heal them or in others places where they tried to give them alms.
During this time period many Europeans held negative attitudes toward helping the poor due to the idle and lazy who go around begging as if they are poor. Emperor Charles V in a royal decree wrote how indiscriminately giving alms will result in idleness which is the root of all evils (Document 4). Emperor Charles V has the POV of an emperor who sees that the idle are mooching off of his
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The POV of the priest is that he believes that giving to the poor isn’t necessary if you are sick or dead because in his eyes, since you are dead it no longer holds any value to anyone else even the poor. Many Europeans felt that the poor were a menace to society ad didn’t deserve any help from other people.
Even with the many negative views on the poor, many Europeans still wanted to help the poor who actually deserved it. In Dijon, France due to the poor shrieking throughout the night, the town council decided to rent a place for the poor to stay for future nights (Document 2). The POV of the town council is that of the leaders who see that they no longer want the poor roaming the city so they decided to rent somewhere for the poor to sleep since they have become an annoyance to the general public, but they still are going to treat the poor as well as they can. This Rembrandt sketch shows an older man giving to a poor family, who looks very dirty, some alms out of the kindness of his heart (Document 9). The POV of Rembrandt van Rijn is that those that have a good amount should help those who are in need of alms which is what is portrayed as a man who has a house gives alms to a family who looks like they don’t have one. Vincent de Paul who was a Catholic priest who founded a religious order that helped the poor said that they need to help the poor not only spiritually, but also their temporal needs like food

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