Antibiotic Resistance Of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Essay

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The purpose of the act is to give these antibiotic-prescribing drug companies the ability to catch up to their investment costs to allow them to continue in research of other possible antibiotic solutions (Chin).

In 2014, President Obama proposed an executive order to issue a five year National Action Plan to combat antibiotic resistance that should include measurements of their progress (Chin). After doubling the available federal funds of control of antibiotic resistance in March 2015, the National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria was issued with the intention of accomplishing five goals including to: decrease new growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, bolster “national surveillance efforts”, improve rapid diagnostic procedures for resistant strains of bacteria, encourage research, and improve collaborating partnerships (Chin).

By 2020, the plan hopes to have routine reports of 95 percent of antibiotic use and resistance of Medicare eligible hospitals (Chin).

With all the implementations this plan calls for, the act schedules in the next five years to decrease 50 percent of improper use of antibiotics of outpatient care and 20 percent of inpatient care (Chin).

Infectious Diseases Society of America 's (IDSA) ultimately desires to create public policy and research activities that will salvage the damage of the overuse of antibiotics and save lives (Clinical).

The GAIN act should be bolstered to make sure that antibiotics are being used…

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