Essay about Anthropology : A Fundamental Genre Of Study Of People

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Anthropology is a fundamental genre of study of peoples in their natural or societal environment. Those who choose to study and observe people can take two approaches to in recording ethnographies; a subject orientated perspective or an outsiders perspective. Due to the individuals moulding as an anthropologist and as a person by society, ethnographies can be clouded by researchers views on subjects as active agents through upbringing, sex and experience. These views can impact in their approach and information collection and ultimately the final product of their research, a published paper.

Cross-cultural ethnographies are the most common type of anthropological study of individuals in particular populations. One such method of observing a culture or contemporary social issue is to perform a study were the subject’s perspective is central. To truly portray a culture or an issue accurately the anthropologist must interact with its population. By employing the central perspective of the people being studied anthropologists can gain a deeper level of meaning and insight into the motivation, mental and physical labour attached to certain types of behaviours and work. A subject’s perspective provides a deeper connection between the studier and studied. A subject’s perspective is a key component of understanding a culture or an issue, it however is skewed by the subjects perspective and can taint the research with an inaccurate portrayal of the culture or issue or…

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