Anorexia Nervosa Causes More Death Than Any Other Psychological Disorder

2100 Words Dec 6th, 2016 9 Pages
Starvation is an exceedingly painful process, and many believe that it is the worst way to perish. The wasting away of the body takes an extended amount of time as the body crumbles and organ systems fail. While this progression seems horrifying to those with healthy minds, many have chosen this lifestyle. This concept is challenging to grasp for those who have not experienced this fixation; however, anorexia nervosa is a profoundly serious emotional and physiological disorder in which the affected person adopts restrictive eating behaviors or starvation, causing them to become unhealthily underweight. This is often a result of emotional trauma from family dysfunction, bullying, depression, or molestation. The patient perceives themself as overweight no matter what the scale says, which makes overcoming the illness particularly difficult. Fear of gaining weight consumes their thoughts and many have paid their life as a result of this crippling anxiety. In fact, anorexia Nervosa causes more death than any other psychological disorder. With that being said, anorexia is an issue that requires prompt attention, as it increases at an alarming rate. In today’s western societies around the world, anorexia has become incredibly prominent. While this disorder has been around for centuries, the frequency has increased dramatically over the last hundred years and has become a major concern. Umarani and Amirthraj (2016) explained that two to three percent of the young girls are…

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