Essay on Anorexia Nervos A Type Of Eating Disorder

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Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a type of eating disorder “that involve maladaptive attempts to control body weight, significant disturbances in eating behavior, and abnormal attitudes about body shape and weight” (Wicks-Nelson, & Israel, 2016, p. 357). The significance of anorexia nervosa to the development of child and adolescent is that the disorder typically begins during adolescence and is even showing earlier signs in younger children. Women represent cases of eating disorder at an astounding number of 90%. Specifically, “the life time prevalence of AN in females is reported to be between 1.4% and 2%” (Wicks-Nelson, & Israel, 2016, p. 358). The life time prevalence represents the individuals who fully meets the diagnostic criteria for AN.
There are three important diagnostic features for AN. The first criteria are that the individual’s “persistent restriction of energy intake that leads to a significant low body weight” (Wicks-Nelson, & Israel, 2016, p. 358). Secondly, the “individual has an intense fear of gaining weight or persistent behavior to avoid gaining weight” (Wicks-Nelson, & Israel, 2016, p. 358). Lastly, the individual has a distorted perception of their body weight or shape. There are two subtypes to AN, the restricting type and binge-eating/purging type. The restricting type restricts the consumption of food and/or engage in highly intensive exercise. The binge-eating/purging type consumes food in large amounts or intakes uncontrollable amount of foods and get…

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