Anorexi A Psychological And Life Threatening Eating Disorder Essay

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People dealing with anorexia will have problems with not wanting to eat. They will begin seeing their self as being overweight, and in reality they are not. Anorexia is a psychological and life threatening eating disorder. It also takes control over the person’s mind. Anorexia is deadly, but yet many people do not have a clear understanding about it. As a person looks in the mirror he or she may suffer with problems such as being bullied. Bullying a person about their weight could trigger the anorexia disorder. Anorexia Nervosa starts when a person beings abnormal eating patterns, lack of appetite, and or self-starvation. Anorexia can begin with biological factors such as irregular hormone functions, genetics, and nutritional deficiencies. There are many signs and symptoms of Anorexia. Some signs can be those as thinning or loss of hair and depression. The beginning of anorexia is not just about food, it can start by different factors. During Anorexia people have withdrawals from being around family and peers. The process used for individuals to use in order to get back to normal weight is having family and friends motivate you on an eating plan and track the amount of food that you eat. People with anorexia tend to be average achievers in school, work, and other activities. Anorexia will have a person acting normal, but then they will develop an anxious feeling, and become OCD. People with anorexia will begin to not eat food, because they may have been bullied or…

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