Annotated Bibliography On The World War II Essay

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Hanyok, Robert J., eavesdropping on hell: historical guide to Western communications intelligence and Holocaust, 1939 – 1945 (second edition republication), Center for Cryptologic History, National Security Agency, 2005
As a historian and intelligence analyst for the US Department of Defense, Hanyok has created a thorough analysis of communications intelligence of World War II. Thanks in part to the declassification of Allied communications from World War II known as “Ultra”, Hanyok was able to produce a clear interpretation of its use. This compelling book also provides visual representations of intercepted communications and equipment, a glossary of terms, and an impressive list of sources.

In the first section of chapter 1 “the context of European and Nazi anti-Semitism”, Hanyok reveals the plight of the Jewish people as animosity between other cultures and Jews was perpetually changing in potency. He discusses that during the medieval period hostilities were more “anti-Judaic than anti-somatic” . And that “the later part of the nineteenth century, anti-Semitism resurged throughout Europe” . Although, Hanyok asserts that after the French revolution, Jews were better accepted within the French society . He then introduces the pre-World War II German philosophy on Jewish citizenship, before introducing the “July 1941… Draft calling for a “final solution” (Endloesung) to the Jewish presence” , and finally an overview of the horrendous events that culminated in the…

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