Annotated Bibliography On Eating Style And Weight Concerns Essay

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Annotated Bibliography

Eating Style and Weight Concerns in Young Females

Vervaet, M., & van Heeringen, C. (2000). Eating Style and Weight Concerns in Young Females. Eating Disorders, 8(3), 233.

This article examines adolescent schoolgirls attitudes towards eating compared to fashion models and people with eating disorders. The results showed that all types including adolescent girls have concern about their body weight. Results showed that eating disorder patients mostly reported premorbid overweight. Majority of the schoolgirls (with a Body Mass Index between 20 and 25,) showed that they wanted to lose weight. Fashion models on the other hand had eating styles that were similar to people with eating disorders. Girls with a restrained eating style had a lower body weight than expected. A large proportion of schoolgirls reported using different drugs like laxatives, anorectic drugs, and the use of vomiting, counting calories, and eating very little to lose weight. Even more of the schoolgirls reported experiencing a loss of control over eating. These results relate to the development of eating disorders.

A weakness to this study is that there were only 11 fashion models that were used in this study. Also the patients with eating disorders that were used 62.5 percent of them had bulimia and only 31 percent had anorexia. Another downfall is that the schools were not randomly selected, which means this study cannot represent a general population. Lastly this study was only…

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