Essay on Annotated Bibliography Of Robert Browning 's My Last Duchess

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Annotated Bibliography
Robert Browning wrote "My Last Duchess” to demonstrate oppression, jealousy, and pride that the speaker (duke of Ferrara) presents when he is talking about his last duchess who he murdered because “she smiled too much.” It is assumed that the Duke keeps the painting of his late wife covered by a curtain so only he can reveal her smile which was just supposed to be for him. At the end of the poem the duke mentions a bronze statue of Neptune taming a sea-horse which suggests that his wife is nothing more than another piece of art in his collection.
"Analysis of “My Last Duchess.”" Https:// Robert Downing, 13 Dec. 2012. Web. 10 Nov. 2015.
The author talks about the social hierarchies of the Victorian Era; he includes the dukes family and how his family gives him power through their wealth and their “nine hundred year old name” The duke is in power throughout his monologue, and he controls his household by stating that no one is allowed to see the painting of the duchess without his permission. He reveals his frustration with his late wife by getting upset when she would look upon lower classes and treat the people the same as if they were equal. The author suggests that this was her biggest fault because she refused to acknowledge the duke at the top of the social hierarchy. The author also points out that the duke is an extremely patriarchal figure, since he establishes himself as more of the important sexes because he has…

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