Annotated Bibliography : Cosmetic Surgery Essay examples

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Annotated Bibliography: Cosmetic Surgery
Thesis: Since cosmetic surgery can be a high risk procedure and may have a deleterious effect on people, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons should work towards eradicating procedures performed on patients under the age of eighteen.
Estrich, Susan. "Kids Shouldn 't Be Getting Plastic Surgery." Newsmax. Newsmax Media, Inc.,
12 Aug. 2011. Web. 11 Nov. 2015.

In her article “Kids Shouldn’t be Getting Plastic Surgery,” Susan Estrich contradicts the belief that it is a tolerable act to perform cosmetic surgery on teenagers. She firmly states the irrationality of going through a risky procedure while bodies are developing to her audience of mostly adults, specifically mothers. Showcasing actresses like Jane Fonda who is seventy three years old, she asserts that you can be too young for plastic surgery, but not too old. The editorial focuses primarily on age and why performing cosmetic surgery on a young, fickle mind could be dangerous. Adult male and females have the rationality and mature mind to at least make a decision that they can be held accountable for, but agreeing to a procedure suggested by a growing mind with insecurities, makes the practitioner and parents accountable. Estrich states that it is incomprehensible for parents to scourge up money for a process that the child might regret.
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