Essay about Annotated Bibliography : Breast Cancer

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Annotated Bibliography: Breast Cancer and Early Prevention of Breast Cancer Among Minorities and Those With Lower Socioeconomic Statuses.
Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer affecting women today. According to Meredith (2013), there have been many advances in breast cancer screening and early detection, but incidences of breast cancer still remain exceptionally high among American women. In previous experiences, I have had the opportunity of working with cancer patients, including those with breast cancer. It was then, and even now, through my various clinical rotations that I have become especially burdened by the devastating impact of cancer. As a nurse, I want to do my best to ensure that all patients have access to the care that they need, because there have been times in my own life that circumstances or lack of knowledge prevented me from receiving care myself.
Although there are many women affected by breast cancer, its burden is not understood the same by all women, nor is it equally shared among them. In fact, minorities and those with lower socioeconomic statuses have notably higher breast cancer mortality rates when compared to white women, despite their gains in early prevention and detection (Reeder-Hayes, Wheeler, & Mayer, 2015). The prevention and treatment of breast cancer differs for minorities and women of low income in a few key ways. Women of minorities learn about breast cancer screenings differently than how white women learn and…

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