Anne Bradstreet 's The Earl Of Lincoln Essay

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Anne Bradstreet was an English Puritan woman who immigrated to America in the mid-1600s. Her father was the manager of the estate of the Earl of Lincoln. This meant that Bradstreet would be raised in an upper class manner. She obtained several advantages due to this. The main advantage she had was the chance to receive a quality education. Her formal education was centered on history, various languages, and literature. She married Simon Bradstreet, a fellow Puritan, at the age of sixteen. Her husband assisted in the preparations of the Massachusetts Bay Company, and was the primary reason for the Bradstreets and Dudleys immigration to America. Anne Bradstreet has long been credited with being the first woman in the British North American colonies to have her work published. Her works primarily focused on the world around her and her disapprobation of the roles she was expected to assume within the Puritan society. The main poem that solidified her views of the gender roles in her society was “The Prolugue.” It is in this poem that the question is raised, does Bradstreet utilize a hyperbolic tone to hide the true meaning of her words? On the superficial surface it looks as if Bradstreet is accepting the role she has as a woman in the Puritan society, but even at the beginning of the first stanza it is evident that this is not the case. She states that she is unable to write about wars, captains, and kings because “For (her) mean pen are too superior things” (208). This is…

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