Analysis Of Eve Laplante's 'American Jezebel'

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The book “American Jezebel” was written in 2004 by Eve LaPlante, who is from Massachusetts and has written various other books about powerful and influential women in history. The thing that makes this book unique is that Anne Hutchinson is actually an ancestor of LaPlante which allows her to have a different point of view on the situation and she is able to write the book in a different way and explain it differently than another author would. Anne Hutchinson was a woman of change who was very open minded and saw things differently than other woman in her time did which is what makes her so interesting. (LaPlante 1)
Anne Hutchinson was born in Lincolnshire England on July17, 1591, she was a midwife with sixteen kids and in her late 40’s who
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When Anne, her husband and her then eleven kids did move they moved to America which is where Anne started to have her discussion groups, and where it all started. There were many people who began to attend her meetings and the majority of people attending her meeting were women, but it was open for men and some men did attend and were drawn to her discussions, but like many great people she was misunderstood and mistreated in her. Henry Vane, the elected governor of massachusetts was one of the people who would attend the discussions, but problems began to arise which pushed Vane to want to return to England. After Vane left John Winthrop was elected as governor and not even a year later Anne Hutchinson was charged for heresy. Anne Hutchinson, like her father was put on trial because she was accused of heresy, or having a belief or opinion contrary to the orthodox religion and that angered the men that were in power extremely since she was, in their eyes brainwashing the people. That information is also what makes not only Anne Hutchinson interesting, but her family as well since Anne was not the first in the

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