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Anna Freud

Anna Freud
Selecting a woman that made significant contributions to the field of psychology between the years 1850 and 1950 is not an easy task as there is more than one woman who made significant contributions to the field of Psychology. Out of those talented women Anna Freud, overshadows her colleagues. Anna can be considered to have a fascinating background, which influenced her later development of unique theoretical perspectives. Her father, Sigmund Freud famous for his multiple theories about the mind he is regarded as the founder of psychology probably influenced her following his footsteps and being interested in psychoanalysis, in particular, in child psychoanalysis. However, her
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Anna Freud first began her analyst career under her father's Sigmund Freud wings. Her father helped Anna's career using his own ideas of defense mechanisms. Sigmund's helped Anna with her career by permitting her to incursion in the way defense mechanisms operates. After she helped her father Sigmund with defense mechanisms, she adventured with her own ideas on child psychology.
Although, she was behind her father's shadow, she became her own professional persona and developed her own theories. Her writings about defense mechanisms were also recognized. Even though she based her ideas of the id, ego and superego on her father’s findings she included her own experiences with defense mechanisms. Anna started what would become her passion later on psychoanalytic practice to children through play therapy. Anna used a mommy and a father doll in her play therapy and asked children to play with them. As children played with the dolls, she would sit back and observe children's actions while playing with dolls. For many, this was the beginning of psychoanalytic child psychology. Anna Freud authored various books. Anna was also known as the leader of the international psychoanalysis for almost 60 years. Her devotion for her father continued throughout her life, when Sigmund became ill with cancer she took over some of his patients to help with his practice. She continued working in developing the field of child psychoanalysis until her death in London on

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