Animal Farm By George Orwell Essay

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The wonderful fantasy of freedom soon became an illusion of the perfect reality. In Animal Farm by George Orwell, it focuses on the dynamic lives of the animals that prevail and win the revolution, only to face bigger troubles than what the mere humans have caused. The sluggish animals detest their human owners for imposing oppressive lives on them. Their lives are a routine of hard work and little food; and in the end, they come face to face with the inevitable: death by the cruel knife. One night, Old Major, a highly regarded boar, relays his eye-opening dream to the other animals on the farm. In his dream, he sees “a world in which animals lived without the tyranny of men,” where the animals are free and happy (sparknotes). Before Old Major died, he leaves his last words of guidance for the animals: overthrow the humans on Manor Farm. The farm needs a new leader, and the two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, rises to the occasion and leads the animals to victory. However, hunger for power and the other animals’ yearnings for a utopian life created the perfect recipe for a place of far worse deprivation, worse terror, and worse oppression on Manor Farm than before.
Power and corruption is first seen in the most prophetic and influential character in the book. Old Major is the most prized and wise boar that roamed Manor Farm. Before his death, he is compelled to share one last speech in the barn where the animals convened. In it, he announces to the animals that “all men are…

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