Essay on Animal Experimentation Is Vital For Medical Research

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Animals are used by humans for a wide array of purposes. The 260 or so million people that live in the United States keep about 110 million dogs and cats as pets. Each year, more than 5 billion animals are killed in the United States as a source of food. Animals are used for transportation, sport, recreation, as well as companionship. Animals are also an instrumental part of learning about living things and the illnesses that affect both humans and animals. By studying animals, information is gained that could not be obtained any other way. Society considers it unethical to try a new drug or surgical method on a human. Instead, new techniques and drugs are first tested on animals to ensure they are safe for human use (Olson 4). If humans want to continue to find treatments, vaccines and cures for diseases that take many human lives each year, researchers must be able to use animals to test on. Although opposed by many, animal experimentation is vital in medical research. Scientists often support the use of animals in research because using animals has led to significant medical breakthroughs (Ghasemi and Dehpour 1). Swami, Furnham and Christopher define animal testing or research as, “the use of animals in experiments within research, academic, or commercial safety testing” (1). Animals are also used to determine how safe a product is such as cosmetics. Most animals are not killed from the testing and remain healthy. Animal research has benefitted humans as well as…

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