Angel Poster Analysis

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This is the headline of a poster advocating for proper feeding habits. I have two kinds of foods in the poster. The one being referred to as ‘Angel’; these are fruits and the one referred to as ‘Demon’; these are fries. From this poster, various aspects of a healthy living driven by the kinds of foods people take can be explained. And I create this poster is I want persuade people having healthy diet because there are so many people eating unhealthy food everyday. Audience I target are everyone but especially children, teenagers and people who love eating unhealthy food. Besides, I want display the poster on campus, streets and social media. I will also elaborate on the ethos, pathos and logos of the poster in the subsequent paragraphs.
The Angel is known for doing good whereas the Demon is associated with doing bad. And the color I use of Angel is blue means pure, the demon is red means evil. This is the same in our case of food. The angel is the good food i.e. in the poster we have bananas, water melon and an orange. The demon is the fries which represent the junk food. The two kinds of food clash in various ways i.e. in terms of calories and nutrients. For instance, in the poster, it is seen that the fries have more calories than the fruits, a difference of 800
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The food is also sweet and easier to prepare than healthy food. This makes it be liked more than healthy food. Many people will try and defend this kind food. Yes, it saves a lot of time during its preparation but the main concern should be a person’s health. The sweet smell of the food will also make you attracted to it. The main group that suffers from the attack by the ‘demon’ are all but especially the children and teenagers. Often children will have a high affinity to crisps, fries, hamburgers, hot dogs and chimmichangas because of the good sweet taste but are not healthy. They hate the fruits and vegetables because it doesn’t have a sweet

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