Andy Warhol: The Most Famous Art Of Andy Warhol

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“Once you “got” Pop, you could never see a sign again the same way again. And once you thought Pop, you could never see America the same way again.” This quote was said by Andy Warhol himself. It’s discussing how once you see and appreciate the pop art style, America will look so different and unique. Now, Andy Warhol was a unique artist. He was born and raised in Forest City, Pennsylvania and was originally named Andrew Warhola. He was one of three boys born and the only one to attend college. He got accepted into Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Institute of Technology as an art student. While in college, he worked as a window decorator at a local department store ( “Andy Warhol”). His art career continued to blossom from here until he was winning awards …show more content…
Andy’s Campbell’s Soup design is one of the most famous advertising artworks of his career. It was created in 1962. He began by creating an artwork called 100 Cans. This then led to the creation of the Campbell’s Soup Can. 100 Cans is a drawing/painting of the same soup can copied 100 times. Andy would copy the same sketch from the first drawing of the can then just repeat the sketch again and again. The Campbell’s Soup Can advertisement was first shown at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles. This art design and many more made him one of the most successful commercial artists in New York (“Andy Warhol Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works”). Andy Warhol made artwork and advertisements very different from other commercial artists which led to him winning quite a few awards. He then became interested in celebrities. He loved to create images of them and would often become good friends with a lot of them. He would film athletes, politicians, and entertainers. A few examples would be Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor ( “Andy Home”). Andy Warhol’s advertising style is not the only reason he was and still is so …show more content…
Andy Warhol was obsessed with the way he looked. He would always be changing his appearance just because he could. Andy dyed his hair several times and finally decided to stick to silver. This hair color was soon known as his signature color. He let his hair remain that color for the rest of his life since he was so well known for it (“Andy Warhol”). Also, Andy Warhol established a little studio called The Factory. The little studio was rented in an attic in Manhattan. The Factory was just a small little studio at first that soon evolved into a mass-production studio. His friends/ assistants made prints for him creating hundreds or even thousands of his works. His helpers would look at the newspaper and magazine clippings he’d hang up for them and create silk-screens of them. The name The Factory came as a symbol of the inspiration and creativity being held there (“Andy Warhol”) Andy’s childhood was quite unique though. He has two older brother named John and Paul. His mother was an artist herself. She gave him his first camera at the age of nine encouraging his artistic side. Andy’s father had passed away when Andy was fourteen years old. When he passed away, he left some money to only be used for higher education for one of the three boys. Andy’s mother decided that Andy would benefit the most from it so she used the money to pay for his college loans. But Andy was suffering

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