Andrew Jackson : My Topic For My Future Essay

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Internet Bibliography I chose Andrew Jackson as my topic for my internet bibliography. I singled out this topic because I had discovered a few intriguing facts about Andrew Jackson in the past, and I was interested in learning the details of them. Also, I wanted to study more about our 7th President. I’ve been under the impression that he was an avid duelist, and that Andrew Jackson used his own cane to assault a man, who tried to assassinate him. I wanted to know the specifics about both of these events, consequently I decided to broaden my horizon on Andrew Jackson’s life. My first site that I utilized for my internet bibliography was on the external links. I selected to use the “The Hermitage: Andrew Jackson” link as the introduction to my research. The design and organization of this site were phenomenal. The site had external links attached with pictures of Jackson for different topics like Jackson’s orphan years, his time as a general and president, and the legends that plagued his life. When scrolling down a little further, there are links also for Jackson’s home. As an illustration, if you were to click a link, you could access information about Jackson’s mansion, the garden and grounds of the property, and even his tomb. At the top of this web site was located a banner that solicited donations for the maintenance of the web site. I found the donation banner was a little distracting at times, but it didn’t take away from the overall quality and service of…

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