Essay on Ancient Roman Kitchen And Modern Day Kitchen

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The kitchen was the center of all Ancient Roman cuisine. In fact, the Roman kitchen was much more advanced than many other kitchens during this time period. By looking at the design, placement, and layout along with the different cooking utensils at this time, we can truly see how the Ancient Roman kitchen pioneered the modern day kitchen’s we see today. According to The History of the Kitchen, “the Ancient Roman kitchen was well equipped with utensils and ingredients and the true forerunner of the kitchen as we know it.” (Source _)

In Ancient Rome, the location of your kitchen was based on your social standing, rich or poor. At first kitchen’s were located in atriums so that smoke could easily escape but these atriums later became used as living spaces. For the rich, each home had its own kitchen which was located toward the back of the house. They also had a dining room were they ate laying on couches around a wooden table. These dining room where called “triclinia” because there were three couches placed around the table. On the other hand, poor Romans used communal cooking areas because the tenements they lived in were small and crowded making fire a great risk to the people and their home. They also ate on wooden tables but instead sat on stools, and did not enjoy the luxurious design of the “triclinia.” In every Ancient Roman kitchen, the floor was made from packed dirt to form a hard surface and a large fire pit with coals was located in the center of the room.…

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