Essay about Ancient Roman And Roman Culture

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Today’s society knows quite a bit about ancient Roman culture. While much of it owes credit to excavation cites and artifacts, a major contributor to the knowledge possessed today is ancient texts of the time. Texts provide an inside look into what the people were thinking at the time the documents were written. They provide great detail on the culture of the society in which they were created for. Much of today’s knowledge on how the people viewed the emperors, the gods, and the Jewish community comes from texts of ancient Roman people. It is common knowledge that the Romans worshipped gods. Their culture relies heavily on making the gods happy. They have gods for thunder, gods of the gods, gods of fertility, gods of the sea, and many more. To make the gods happy, they made offerings to them in hopes that good fortune would then come their way. Not so well known, however, is the fact that Roman society also treated their emperors like gods as well. While there have always been statues and monuments of the emperors, after Alexander the Great, cults were created not only to pray to the gods for the wellbeing of emperors but also worship towards the emperors themselves (Martin, 132-133). This comes as no surprise, either. The Romans have always viewed the emperor, according to Martin, as, “he was larger than life, worthy of loyal respect, and the source of benefactions as their patron” (Martin, 133). This is also made clear in the article, “Letter of Claudius to the…

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