Ancient Greek Olympic Games Essay

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Nicholas Palatucci

Professor Spar
World Civ.
12 December 2014
Ancient Greek Olympic Games Throughout the history of human civilization, various peoples around the world have developed their own games and contests where they compete with one another. No such contests were as interesting or well documented as the Olympic Games that occurred in ancient Greece. While visiting the MET, I discovered the Terracotta Panathenaic Prize Amphora. This is a vase that is from the Greek period at about 500 B.C. This vase shows multiple muscular male figures running without clothes on. This is an accurate depiction of an Olympic event as well as a Panathenaic event. Seeing this inspired my interest to research the Olympic Games of ancient Greece. According to Mary B. Moore, a professor of art history at Hunter College of the City University of New York, “the Panathenaic amphora has an echinus-shaped mouth that is flat on top and unglazed to receive a lid, a short neck with a raised ring separating it from the shoulder, and two vertical handles that are round in section; the body is very wide at the shoulder and tapers sharply to a narrow, echinus foot. The vase looks as if it would tip over easily and probably needed a stand to support it” (Moore). As for the various “Attic black-figure” style paintings on the side of the pottery, Moore states “ on [the] side, Athena strides to the left between two columns… an inscription alongside the left column informs the viewer that the vase was…

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