Ancient Egyptian Religion Essay

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Briefly describe the time and setting/environment where the religion was formed.
The Ancient Egyptian religion was formed roughly around 3000 BC in Ancient Egypt which at the time was located along the Nile River. Throughout the Nile River there were several cataracts (large waterfalls) stretching south along the Nile that marked areas, Ancient Egypt ruled the area north of the first cataract. Ancient Egypt was combined with two different environments. The area around the Nile (lower Egypt), which was referred to as ‘the black land’, was used as farming land as the banks had a layer of silt making it easier to grow crops and the river provided them with resources. The second type of
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A belief that is linked to the environment is the many Gods and Goddesses that they worshiped are all based on animals and aspects of the environment. Each God/Goddess had a specific role that involved either protecting the environment or the people. The most highly worshiped God is Re (the God of the sun) as they believe he created the other Gods and the world. Another important God that is connected to the environment is Hapi as he is the God of the Nile River. When there were floods after long droughts the people believed that it was because Hapi was in the river. This provided fertile soil for the crops making Hapi a God and symbol of fertility for Egypt. The set Priests who cared for Hapi and the river would carry out rituals so that the river would have a steady flow of water throughout the flooding season. Hapi was of great importance in both upper and lower Egypt so he became a twin deity (God). In upper Egypt he was referred to as ‘Hap-Reset’ and in lower Egypt he was referred to as ‘Hap-Meht’. The symbol for Hapii is a man with a large belly and womens breasts. These features symbolise his productiveness and capability of nourishing the land through the Nile River. Hapi is just one of the many ancient Egyptian beliefs that are linked and arose from the

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