Ancient Egyptian Medicine: The History Of Medicine

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The History of medicine started in 2600 BC in Egypt. They describe the diagnosis and treatment of two hundred disease . Egyptian believed that disease came from god, demons, and spirits. Egyptian doctors believed that there was channel in the body; they were trying to find a way to unblock the channels. Egyptian were the first in the world that were able to document everything this helped scientists to make calculation years later .Egyptian also created bathrooms so disease won’t spread . They was of treatment are herbs and plants that are now used worldwide . In 500 BC Alcmaeon of Croton recognized veins from conduits. Alcmaeon was an early Greek author of prescription and thinker – researcher. He was the primary individual to recognize …show more content…
Persians added to the universe of Mathematics close by Arabs.In the ninth century, the Persian mathematician Muḥammad composed a few critical books on the Hindu-Arabic numerals and on methods for solving equations. The seventeenth century exceptional increment of numerical and experimental thoughts crosswise over Europe. Galileo watched the moons of Jupiter in circle about that planet, utilizing a telescope in view of a toy imported from Holland. Tycho Brahe had accumulated a gigantic amount of scientific information portraying the positions of the planets in the sky. By his position as Brahe 's partner, Johannes Kepler was initially presented to and truly collaborated with the point of planetary movement. Kepler succeeded in formulating mathematical laws of planetary motion. Math mixing with science is what connected with medicine. Both specialists and attendants doctors and nurse use math consistently while giving human services to individuals around the globe. Specialists and attendants use math when they compose

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