Ancient Egypt And Ancient Greece Essay example

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Many ancient civilizations had a unique geography that would help shape and influence their cultures. Ancient Egypt and ancient Greece were approximately 1,500 miles apart from cross the Mediterranean Sea and had a different geographical makeup. Even though both these ancient cultures are different geographically, they both are similar in the way that they are influenced by their geography. The landscape of ancient Egypt and Greece played a huge role in influencing their culture, values, politics, and perspectives; as well as affected the connection between these civilizations and their neighbors. The landscape of Greece and Egypt were very different from one another. Greece is a very mountainous and hilly country, about 80% of Greece is covered by mountains. As well as mountains, Greece is partially surrounded by water, having water on three sides. Greece is also a fairly luscious landscape having green grass and areas of forests. On the other hand, the landscape of Egypt could not be more different. Egypt had a lot of dry desert land. Egypt had basically two different types of land, “black land” and “red land” . The Nile was basically the main body of water for the Egyptians and they relied on its flooding each year to survive. the only real similarity that could be seen between the two landscapes are relating to the water. The Greeks had a close “intimate” relationship with the sea since it was all around them. The Egyptians completely relied on the Nile for survival.…

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