Anatomy Is The Science Of The Structure Of An Animal It Essay

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Avian Anatomical System
Anatomy is the science of the structure of an animal it is derived from the Greek word meaning “to cut up” according to Merriam-Webster. It is important to gain an understanding about the Avian Anatomical System because understanding it is essential when caring for a poultry flock or developing a successful cost-effective environment for them. Learning about the Avian Anatomical System includes fully understanding the external and internal anatomy of the bird. In doing so you will be able to effectively recognize when something is wrong and how to take the crucial steps to correct the problem. Furthermore, understanding the breakdown of the avian is crucial in recognizing a healthy avian verses sick or diseased one.
Avian Environment
Maintaining or creating a healthy environment for them is central when it comes to understanding their anatomy. Without the proper environment it is hard to maintain proper chicken health. Healthy growth includes a proper diet such as feed and forage. Other important but little known facts is that they do better when able to dust in sand which serves to cool and clean the chicken, perching and sleeping is vital, shelter, water, and protection from pest or predators, according to The Chicken Chick. Across the world there are numerous farms that focus on poultry, chicken, hens and many other fowl in order to produce meat or eggs. Today’s farms tend to be extremely concentrated or specialized in the…

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