Anarchic International Politics

1. Introduction
The issue of anarchic system in international politics is a crucial motive to define the interstates relationship between major theories of international relations. That is, there are diverse theoretical approaches to explicate how actors with a dilemma will behave or react between confrontation and cooperation in the decentralised world, thus understanding major theories such as realism and liberalism would be helpful to size up all possibilities of theoretical alternative in order to surpass anarchy in international politics. The concept of anarchic system, however, should be also examined in underlying perspective for international society prior to understanding the theoretical frames, because the essence of anarchy in the
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It means that understanding of anarchic system would be in all beginnings to deal with global issues. She has also borrowed some ideas from notable scholars in this field to stress the gravity of anarchy for explaining the world politics. In her writing, prominent theorists, such as Kenneth Waltz and Robert Keohane who suggested each different approach to see international relations, have pointed out that the essence of anarchic system could be explicated by game theories, for example, the Stag game and the Prison’s Dilemma. The more important thing here is that their analyses of anarchy’s characteristic are in line with enduring pursuit of either national or common …show more content…
That is to say, synchronization to the concept and stability of hegemony depending on global norms or institutions should be needed (Cox 1981). Further, with a section 2 in Donnelly’s model, the United Nation Security Council, which is an unprecedented form of global governance as an oligarchic superordinate system since the end of the Cold War, would be an actual hierarchic model in anarchy. Hereby, hierarchy in anarchy could be found in our mind with acceptance of converted views, not only depending on cosmetic

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