Analyzing an Author's Argument Strategies Essay

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Eng 102
September 20 2012

A comment regarding "legitimate rape" made by U.S Republican Senator Todd Akin aroused extreme controversy amongst the country. Especially with the election right around the corner, such a degrading and insulting remark referring to a highly sensitive subject is more than likely to be magnified under the spotlight. With Akin claiming on national television that rape in many circumstances is not always legitimate and that the female body "has ways to try to shut that whole thing down", a great deal of the public felt insulted and taken aback. Even with quick apologies and attempts at correcting his inexcusable words, he could not move fast enough to compete with the media. The media moves faster than the speed
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To enhance her position on this argument, she strongly used a great amount of sarcasm to ridicule Akin, but also to keep the mood upbeat and in touch with her audience. Sarcasm is so widely used nowadays that I feel Chemaly's use of it was appropriate as well as easily recognizable. Sometimes sarcasm can but unclear and throw off an audience if not used correctly, however Chemaly mastered its use so that it was used in favor of her argument and not overdone. Sarcasm can many times be harmful if misused, or more commonly, OVER used. A generous amount is acceptable, but there is a fine line between what is simply far too much, and what is just right. Chemaly clearly had experience with using sarcasm through a means of pursuasion because it worked for her. What also worked in her favor was her ability to keep it at a personal level through her argument. As a reader, I felt that Chemaly was able to reach out successfully to explain why she felt the way she did. This was due to the conversational tone she maintained throughout the article. For example, straight from the text and verbatim, "Say what you will about men like Paul Ryan and Rick Santorum…" The fact that she says "say what you will" makes me feel as though she is speaking with me face to face. Another example that demonstrates her personal and witty voice is the way her language through the article is physically written. In the final paragraph, it reads "…at least in 20th century American political, versus

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