Analysis Of ' Wuthering Heights ' Essay

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Revenge is a common theme in Wuthering Heights. Revenge is the act of hurting or harming somebody for something he or she has previously done. Most people normally look at revenge as a negative act towards other people. A character that is extremely cruel to many people because of his past is Heathcliff. Heathcliff seeks revenge on anyone for his or her previous actions towards him. This makes him a brutal and a melancholy character as a result of his destructive revenge. One can see this when Hindley seeks revenge on Heathcliff making him the character he is, and when Heathcliff seeks revenge on Hindley, Catherine, and Cathy. Hindley is the main reason why Heathcliff is so miserable throughout his life. Hindley gets his revenge on Heathcliff because Heathcliff is his father 's favorite child; however, now Heathcliff wants to get revenge on Hindley. Heathcliff only cares about himself and hurting others. Harold Bloom tells the readers in his article, “Heathcliff was stoically hardened single minded, in one instance with standing Hindley’s brutal thrashing to blackmail him into giving up his pony” (Bloom 6). Hindley wants revenge towards Heathcliff and tries to steal his pony, that is given to him. This is destructive because, Hindley knows the pony is valuable to Heathcliff, when he takes the pony away from Heathcliff he knows he will be dissatisfied. Heathcliff seeks revenge on Hindley and other characters because of how he was mistreated by Hindley as a…

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