Heathcliff And Catherine's Relationship Analysis

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What is love if you are not with the one who does not make you happy? The one who does not make you feel special, who does not treat you like a proper woman, and makes you feel like you are just another person. Leaving the man of your dreams, the one you grew up with, only to betray him for fortune. The one who was there for the good and the bad times, who lets you be free and act as you please. Although, you abandon him knowing well that he was from a low class who did not guarantee you a bright future. You are married to the one you do not truly love though, you say you love him, yet you are only with him for the money and to keep your high social status in place to ensure you have a good future. Is it so bad to love someone only for financial …show more content…
Heathcliff and Catherine’s relationship is full of passion yet savagery as well. It is a relationship consisting of two people who grew up with each other, as siblings which can be considered incest. The destructiveness of Catherine and Heathcliff’s relationship contains equilibrium in the second generation with both Hareton and Cathy. Some scholars believe these conflicts, the intensity, and drama arises from Wuthering Heights. Though, I Agree with Goodlett and believe the intensity arises from the bond between Heathcliff and Catherine, which comes in conflict with the other characters as well. Heathcliff’s and Catherine’s bond is described as an addiction because when they see each other, all the emotions come rushing and can not let go of each other. An addiction illuminated by Catherine’s cry “ I am Heathcliff!” (60). She yells declaring her love for Heathcliff, how he is constantly on her mind and how she can not fathom them being separated, always needing him by her side, trying to fulfill her empty soul by filling herself of thoughts about Heathcliff. Heathcliff is an addict as well, calling Catherine his soul who repeatedly states this throughout the novel. Goodlett believes this is then sexual addiction, which I completely agree with seeing as how they are not together, yet the sexual tension never fades away. The need to possess one another, no …show more content…
In the case of Heathcliff and Catherine, it leads to obsession and to both of their destructions. A relationship that starts out healthy when they are kids, soon becomes the end of them when they grow up. Their relationship is based on love that they did not have as kids. Their bond is a strong one, even though they are separated countless times. A bond that is addictive, obsessive, and destructive to them and to the people around them. They both got know what love is, even though it did not end the way they wanted it to end. As kids they complimented each other, but as they grew older, they started to separate. They did not get to marry the one they truly loved, which was each other. Catherine married Edgar for the money, to keep her high social status, and to ensure she would be well taken care of. While Heathcliff married Edgar’s sister, Isabella in order to get revenge on Edgar for marrying Catherine. So did the both Heathcliff and Catherine attain true happiness and love? I believe they did not, when you love someone you stick with that person no matter how bad a situation gets and you do not intentionally hurt the person you

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