Analysis Of ' Winter Dreams ' By F Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The struggle between social classes in society is one that has been going on ever since the Pilgrims first reached Plymouth Rock. Today they still create problems, these problems have even crept over into literature. In “Winter Dreams”, by F Scott Fitzgerald, Dexter Green is one of the few people who have seen both sides of the social class spectrum. He understood the struggle of being under the rich, wealthy, class, as well as making it to the superior lavish lifestyle of the rich and beautiful. The life of being a caddy is one with long hours, hot days, great people and also very terrible people. Dexter Green has seen all of these different people, along with enduring long hours while working on the Sherry Island Golf Course for extra cash in the summer! During the winter he imagines himself beating all of the superior and upperclassmen that he knows he will have to caddy. Dexter does not enjoy caddying but understands that he has to work hard to be successful. We see this and also hear from Mr. Jones how much of a hard worker he truly is “The best----caddy I ever saw," shouted Mr. Mortimer Jones over a drink that afternoon. "Never lost a ball! Willing! Intelligent! Quiet! Honest! Grateful!" (Fitzgerald 1). Mr. Jones is praising Dexter is the first time we see how hardworking Dexter truly is because Mr. Jones continuing says that Dexter had never lost a ball while caddying for him whereas the other caddies would lose a ball every game. During his early life,…

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