Analysis Of William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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Directing a play requires a lot of time and preparation. There are many different production elements that the director needs to accommodate. In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, specifically act three scene one, the production elements need to influence how the audience will see Hamlets change in personality and also how Ophelia reacts to that change. The most important production elements for this scene would include; physical movement, tone, and staging. Those three elements will highlight Hamlet’s change from an obedient son to an angry man. To launch Hamlet’s change, it is first important to establish the staging element. The environment as to where Hamlet begins his soliloquy, takes place in a big, empty room that contains only a few chairs. The emptiness of the room symbolizes Hamlet’s feeling of emptiness himself. Although, the room contains many doors, which illustrates Hamlet’s opportunities to deal with his emptiness. Those doors all remain closed except for one that is cracked open. That cracked open door will allow Hamlet, and the audience, to know that Claudius and Polonius are setting Hamlet up for a confession as to why he has gone mad while talking with Ophelia. Even though they won’t be able to physically see Claudius and Polonius faces, they will be able to see their feet peeking from under the door. Along with the feeling of emptiness from Hamlet, the big, open room allows for Hamlet’s and Ophelia’s interaction to be exaggerated. It grants their voices power…

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