Analysis Of ' Where Are You Going? Essay

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Conflict Paper 2

The word heroic (to me) is an adjective to describe someone who has or shows great courage, or bravery. They are marked by their daring natures and are noble or self-sacrificing. A heroic person is a leader, they know themselves and don’t worry about what others say as their actions are their own and benefit others. In the story “Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?” a young girl named Connie, who is on the cusp of adulthood, is exploring her sexuality. Connie is obsessed with her looks, the way she carries herself and seems to push herself to the limits to make herself seem attractive to men. She wants to be viewed like the women from her pop songs that she loves and, is in love with the idea of a perfect romance. Connie rejects the role of daughter, sister, and “nice” girl to cultivate her sexual persona, which flourishes only when she is away from her home and family. She makes fun of her frumpy older sister, June, and is in constant conflict with her family. Although Connie may not seem like the picture of heroism, she shows her true colors at the end of the story. When she is pushed by Arnold Friend to truly show herself the sexualized creature she wishes to be Connie tries to seem in control and unfazed, but she eventually breaks down and is overpowered by Arnold. Though she is overpowered Connie shows her bravery by sacrificing herself for her family in an unpredicted way, especially seeing her personality flaws in the beginning of the…

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