Analysis Of ' We Wear The Mask ' By Paul Laurence Dunbar Essay

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Poetry is a very unique form of writing. There are various styles and elements that may be implemented when creating a poem. A poet can be considered an architect of literature. It takes skill and precision to construct a cohesive body of work. Poetry is much more sophisticated than most other writing forms. Each word in poetry is strategically placed; each consonant and vowel is calculated.
Besides different poem styles there are different elements of poetry. These elements help artists express themselves and ideas in a more creative way. The poem “We Wear the Mask” by, Paul Laurence Dunbar is a great reference for the use of poetic elements. During the time Dunbar wrote this essay, there was great oppression of African American people. Rather than cry and show weakness during an unfortunate situation, many people wore a smile as a defense mechanism. Sometimes in life we must mask our true feelings to make a situation easier to bare. The poem by Dunbar is a representation of this unfortunate reality. Dunbar uses several elements such as personification, assonance, metaphors, and symbolism to express himself in this work of art. In the very first line of the poem Dunbar wastes no time in implementing the use poetic elements. “We wear the mask that grins and lies”, the author uses personification to convey this message. Personification is when something non-human is given human characteristics. Obviously masks don’t actively grin or lie like humans do. Dunbar gave the…

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