Analysis Of Viacom 's Current Domestic Income Tax Essay

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Viacom is a media company that is based in New York, New York. Originally founded in 1952, They have hold of entertainment in 165 countries, reaching more than 3 billion people around the globe. They are most known for their television networks, such as MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central.
Viacom has seen a severe fluctuation with revenue over the past decade. The peak of the company’s revenue was seen five years ago, as the they have been seeing a steady decrease since 2011. For comparison, in 2011 Viacom’s revenue came in at $14.91 billion, while their 2015 revenue was a staggering 1.13 billion lower, coming in at $13.78 billion (marketwatch). The same is true for their cost of goods sold, or cogs, as it totaled just over $7 billion in 2015. In a five year span, this number dropped an entire billion dollars. Furthermore, Viacom’s current domestic income tax, which is where they have the most customers, took a significant hit. In 2014, the income tax accumulated to more than a billion dollars, but last year it was just $469 million. As for their expenses, they have staggered up and down, for the past half decade, but it seems that it is declining, since they have not spent over $2.9 billion since 2011 (marketwatch).
Conversely, Viacom’s have assets have teetered around $23 million. In 2015, however, they had the lowest amount or value of assets since 2011, which was a cumulative amount of $22.22 billion. Their cash and short term investments has been cut in half since…

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