Analysis Of ' Very Hard ' Essay

1270 Words Nov 25th, 2015 null Page
Muslims have suffered in many different situations throughout life in the U.S. For Muslims, life has not been a leisurely walk in the park. It can be better described as a marathon, a long-lasting run. It is like this: if life had a difficulty mode, then Muslims play on ‘Very Hard’. Upon choosing ‘Very Hard’ in the 2012 hit video game “Persona 4 Golden” the game asks “Do you hate yourself, or are you supremely self-confident? This difficulty requires a strength of heart that never gives in” Basically, ‘Very Hard’ is an extremely difficult mode, as the title suggests. On ‘Very Hard’, you gain less experience when defeating enemies and die much easier. This leads to a lot of level grinding, or spending time killing enemies in order to become stronger. Overall, it adds rules which creates a more than frustrating experience. If you ‘hate yourself’ then you should play on ‘Very Hard’. Unfortunately, Muslims don’t have the luxury to avoid choosing ‘Very Hard’ mode. At birth, they are automatically set at ‘Very Hard’ whether they like it or not. For their whole life, they must deal with unwarranted discrimination. The cause of this this discrimination towards Muslims stem from several concepts. For instance, religion is a huge factor to this discrimination. The Islamic religion is mostly seen as foreign in the United States. In the U.S., the Islamic religion is topped by Christianity in terms of popularity. Most people are accustomed to seeing Christians, which therefore makes it…

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