Analysis Of Truman Capote 's ' The Cold Blood ' Essays

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In Truman Capote 's book “In Cold Blood”, from 1965, the terrible murder of the Clutter family is told to you, in a way that in 1965 was called “new journalism”. It was Capote’s telling of a real life murder through the eyes of the people in the town and in particular Perry Smith, one of the people responsible for the murders. Truman Capote had many visits and conversations with Perry Smith and this led him to raise the question of whether a man alone can be held responsible for his actions when his environment has taken away so much of him and what is essential to a human being. One view to explore is the psyche of Perry Smith developed through out the theme by Capote “Nature vs. Nurture”. (Olin-Scheller 154) This being the idea that Perry Smith was a bad guy and did bad things because he had a hard life and life had some how forced him to be this way. The other view says Perry 's crimes are the acts of someone who may have a psychosis, a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact with external reality can be lost. These two views could not be more different but with only slight changes in ones perspective they may seem so similar. This is when we look at the question. Is Perry Smith’s violence a product of his environment, or a psychosis that is out of his control?
Now if you set back and just take in the words of Truman Capote you may get the picture of Perry is a poor boy that found him-self in the wrong place, with the wrong…

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